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12 January 2010 @ 01:28 pm
Last night I was once again invited to move in with my friends in a city nearby. The rent would be meaningless, due to the amount of people living in the same place, everyone would have high chances to get a job because the city is big enough for that, the universities (including mine) all have great extension programs for the students to work on, and we’re already very close, so there wouldn’t be the living-with-strangers issue. Now, what’s the big deal.

 When I finished high school my mum was dying to get rid of me. Not in a bad sense of the expression, she was just anxious for me to move to a bigger city, go to a nice university and all the stuff. Back then, I couldn’t because I just can’t live away from her, since it’s just the two of us, besides the dog. My dream has always been to live with friends, work all day and study all night, to have a schedule that says who washes dishes on Monday and who takes out the garbage on Friday, all that stuff. So, when I mentioned it with my mother this morning, I was shocked to hear that “that wasn’t my dream and I was just trying to fit in inside someone else’s dream, and that if wasn’t for it, she’d give me all the support I needed”.

 Excuse me?

 How come that’s not my dream? I mean... I don’t even know if I could live all by myself, away from the easiness of home, my computer, my lazy afternoons, my dog, my car, everything. I probably couldn’t. I just got really pissed off because she implied I was just trying to steal someone else’s life. Aside from that, I still had to hear how mean I was to complain about my current university, as if that shit wasn’t going into the deep pit of hell anyway. The place doesn’t even function properly, and I can’t say anything about it. “The students make the university”, that’s what she told me. My ass they do, the students are just as stupid as the principal. Grrr.

 I’m just ranting, really. Just because I’m not fond of the idea to start this conversation with her, or else it’ll end up in a discussion and I don’t want a headache. And there’s nothing I can really do to change anything around here.
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10 January 2010 @ 02:33 am
I'm wrecked, so I'm gonna go straight to the point. Just passing by to say hi and happy new year to everyone. Changed all the things around here to make me feel home around Chuck and Sarah, saddest and more angsty (?) couple I've seen since Ten and Rose. Their mood theme was the most difficult to arrange I've ever put my hands on, but in the end it was worth it. They look so cute.

I still need to write down my 2010 goals, btw. I almost achieved all I wanted for last year. The hardest task to this year will most likely get my Beatles Rock Band, but we'll work this through.

Bed calls, now.  I'm seriously beaten.
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16 January 2009 @ 08:23 pm
Eu reeeeealmente suei pra encontrar um layout que me fizesse feliz. Desde ontem passei por Titanic (mas não achei layouts prontos nem screens), Colorblind (que a Nix prometeu fazer pra mim) e Band of Brothers (que não ficou exatamente pretty). A resposta pro meu dilema veio na forma de um abençoado pacote embrulhado em papel vermelho e branco, com o magnífico logo das Lojas Americanas nele.

- pausa dramática -

*dança ao redor dos livros*

Quase pulei no pescoço do carteiro quando ele me pediu pra assinar o recebimento :aw: exceto o fato que o Twilight veio com um puta amassado na capa e o Eclipse com algumas orelhinhas discretas, esses são a coisa mais linda que eu já vi. Provavelmente vou dormir no chão essa noite pra que eles durmam na minha cama ok, nem tanto, talvez eu durma no sofá

Desde então eu venho lendo como se o mundo fosse acabar dentro de três dias lol eu sei que vou me arrepender disso quando o livro acabar e não sobrar mais nada novo pra eu ler, mas é mais forte do que eu >.<"

Enfim, fui obrigada a interromper minha leitura pra tomar banho e ir pra auto-escola, só pra descobrir que minhas aulas teóricas só começam depois do dia 21, SE eu passar no exame médico. Minhas horas ininterruptas de computador me dizem que eu deveria temer o exame de vista XD De qualquer forma, a próxima deadline importante e imutável é dois de fevereiro, quando começam as aulas na faculdade. Como o diretor não é mais o Nélson eu-me-acho-o-vereador-gay-mais-gostoso-de-Eldorado, não acho que tenha muito o que me preocupar. Além do mais, aparentemente todo mundo da minha sala vai ser o pessoal que fez o curso, vai estar tudo em família XD (PS: talvez o Devanir ex-diretor-gostoso-com-o-qual-eu-quero-ter-um-caso-tórrido vá ser o meu professor, então eu realmente to looking forward pras aulas começarem =D)

As for now, vou voltar pra minha caminha quente e meu Eclipse já lido até a metade *.* Alons-y!
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23 November 2008 @ 06:39 pm
First of all, happy birthday for me XD

I decided to come back with this but I'm still not sure why. It has probably something to do with the fact that I just lost ALL of my archives because of some stupid reckless bloke who doesn't know how to fix a computer without messing it up even more. Anyway, it feels like a new life with Mark memory-less and Thay without everything she ever wrote/maniped/printed/created/yadda yadda yadda. New life, birthday, end of year, exams in the last friday, it just deserves a LJ entry.

My exams results come out in December 5th and I seriously hope I pass, at least this time. Even though it's not Law School, it's Administration and it's pretty much something fun to do, and it opens a lot of doors in the future.

Other than that, the day is just like any other day, and not my 18th birthday. My dad called me and he sounded pretty sad and sick, which got me a bit worried, but still, he said he's fine, so I can sleep well for now. Though I still think he's too old now to live that away from me.

To finish, I miss Ju so much it hurts =( I could use some of our talks, but at least she's probably very happy in the US right now \o/
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13 September 2008 @ 06:12 pm
Título: Minha Paixão Por Livros
Autor: rocket7roe 
Classificação: G

N/A: Era uma vez uma menina varrendo a casa numa manhã de sábado quando um espírito escritor baixou nela e saiu isso. E eu pessoalmente até gostei. E é um POEMIIIIINHAAAAAAA!! *abraça e morde* Quão lindo é isso?

Créditos: É tudo meu, mwahaha!

Era uma vez...Collapse )

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08 September 2008 @ 11:36 am
    So apparently my weekends are busier than my weeks. I barely remember what I did on Saturday, but I know whatever it is I was freezing to death while doing it. It’s amazing how it went cold out of the blue, and it’s only in the weekends! I know I’m supposed to like cold – I do, seriously – but I was born in Brazil after all and we get ten months of heat in this stupid country; 12ºC is just something I’m not used to. But as Rafa2 said, it’s better get used to is if we want to move away to UK.

    And speaking of him – yay, he wants to study english in UK just like me *is excited about it* - we, along with Danilo, Mari, Natalina and other kids I don’t remember the name, worked as “volunteers” yesterday in some sort of shop organized by a place that takes care of the homeless children around here. It counted as volunteer work for our lecture and that’s great, but what got me happier was the grateful look on Rose’s face when she thanked us. Especially because if it wasn’t for me to offer our help, our stupid coordinator wouldn’t have done a thing.

    After that Mari and I came back home to wait my mum, because the two of them want to work together in the children party decoration stuff, so we sat on the couch and kept staring on each other in one of those awful silences, until Mari came up with this odd subject about how I looked like I was in love. I mean, who comes up with stuff like that out of the blue? I’m *not* in love, c’mon, and even if I was it’s none of her business. She’s now teasing me about how much I love Rafa2 but will never admit. She might even be right, but not anymore, after all just before whatever I’m feeling for him grows stronger, I’m killing it dead. He’s just this amazing cute and caring guy who happens to be a new friend. And apparently he was just dumped by a friend he loved too much. I’m not aware of the details – man, that guy knows how to keep secrets – but I do know everything that I need. And I know I’m not supposed to fall for him. That’s it, end of history.

    I’ve got an exam in my lecture today, all we’ve learned about informatics so far. I haven’t read a thing on my books, neither did I have the time for it, but I don’t think it’s a big deal, it’s pretty easy actually. Apparently, anyway.

    So off I go now, have to buy us food since we haven’t had this month market shopping yet lol
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03 September 2008 @ 07:25 pm
So, looong while without any posting. I've got two explanations for that:

1. I've been really running out of time lately. In the morning I'm typing huge paper works for my mum's college students, I've got my lecture in the afternoon, and after I get home I take a shower, eat something and usually the guys come over for us to either a) study, b) listen to music, c) talk. Of course, when I finally come here, I'm deadly tired.

2. I'm a bit lazy. You can still sue me if you want to.

Anyway, that's pretty much how my days and weeks are going. Last sunday my mum decided to come yelling over me about how useless I am, so instead of curl up in a corner and cry, I decided to set goals for the next years. And I'm going to try my hard to accomplish them. Among other things I've got the two which I think are the most difficult: go to Law School (and I'm already working on that, studying for this year's exams with the guys) and take english classes in the UK. So that's it, I've got goals now lol

And then again, I'm lazy to keep on typing lol Rafa's just arrived, see you guys when I'm not so lazy XD
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28 August 2008 @ 11:25 pm
So, I didn't post yesterday. Sue me. Rafa1 was here and he left about 9:45pm, so I just took a shower and went to bed. And before we go any further, let's stick an explanation:

Rafa1 = the one I knew already, from five years ago
Rafa2 = also known as John, John Lennon or Rafa John Lennon (because really, he looks like the guy), the one I met a week ago in my lecture

So, Rafa1 and I were thinking about build up this small drama club to try stuff as drama acting, stand up comedy, sketches, that sort of thing. So we spent the night watching stand up comedy videos of all sorts to inspire us. I'm really willing for this to work out, first because I always wanted to act in plays, second because it'll improve my skills to play fics with Ju when she comes over.

Anyway, I've just figured out I'm hooked on these guys. I can't let a day pass by in which I don't invite them over to watch a movie or play The Game of Life or Monopoly. Which sucks, since this weekend Rafa1 will be away doing an useless and ridiculous school stuff called ENEM and Rafa2 will be away to visit a doctor and change his glasses (yes, Ju, he needs glasses, how cute is that? but he wants to take them off =( so sad)

Ohh, btw, one of my lecture instructors is madly interested about me, the two of them actually. Fernando is amazed by the fact I speak english and apparently I'm quite nice. Andrea is obsessed about me just because of my mum and she tries desperately to get my atention every class. It's quite sad, actually lol

And apparently me and Rafa2 are deeply in love with each other, according to Ju lol only because he sent me a nice good night message on my mobile. But at least he's cute XD and I have to admit I'll miss him tomorrow and I'm sad with the idea we'll only see each other again on Monday =( but then again, the feelings field is just a weeeeird territory for me. I'm a bit like John when it comes to this, Jas and Ju will understand XD
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26 August 2008 @ 11:01 pm
Seriously. I just found out how we can love and hate someone deeply at the same time that's actually a lie, John and Tosh already hated and loved each other at the same time, but that's not the point. I'm just too tired to write a proper entry right now, but I had to write something.

Fernando, my mental informatics and administration instructor, made us sing in front of the whole class. SING! IN FRONT OF OTHER 18 PEOPLE! I don't even sing in front of my mum! And with the help of my guitar. But, what the hell, I sang, and I don't think I ever trumbled more in my entire life. He said we still have other three works like that, but I don't think he'll make us sing again, so as long as I only have to talk, I'll be fine lol

Also, there's a weird girl chasing trouble with me and the guys (Rafael, Rafael 'John Lennon' and Flávia). She's just the kind of person who gets in trouble with everyone, and I'm not about to go through her way. But seriously, if she messes up with any one of us again, I'll have to wake up the sleeping deadly ironic side of me. And it'll be amazingly fun.

And just a quick message to finish. I've got you, Rach, all the way through. Your grandfather will be just fine, despite all you said it's gonna happen, and I stand for what I said to you earlier. Just enjoy every second you have with him, whatever is the option he chooses for the next six months. And despite the distance, I'm here for you, always. That's what friends are for, even those who live across the ocean and doesn't even speak the same language you do.
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25 August 2008 @ 09:34 pm
No, seriously, how AWESOME friends are? And by friends I mean those who live in the same city as you lol I mean, I do love from the deepest gap of my heart my virtual friends and they've been there for me in my toughest moments, but really, there's no such thing as a night spent playing The Game of Life and drinking with just two good mates. And for someone who wasn't seeing the daylight for over eight months, I barely stay at home now lol

Now, moving on to portuguese matters lol

Fernando, meu psicótico instrutor de informática e administração, pediu pra gente fazer uma paródia de música hoje usando 10 termos técnicos que ele passou: monitor, sistema operacional, periférico, hardware, software, saída, entrada, programa, barra de tarefas e windows. E eu fiz a melhor paródia da minha vida inteira, yaaaayy *is a fangirl*

A música é linda, claro lol e eu amo Leoni eternamente, super me lembra minhas viagens pra Campo Grande, mas admito que a minha versão ficou bem mais foda lol especialmente pra'queles que já experimentaram uma perda de pc XD

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